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Our team are Retailers.  Coming from a Retail background has instilled our recruiters with the ability to identify great talent, relative to your business needs. We are not distant and will liaise with you through every step of the recruitment process. Any queries or concerns, our team of Senior Consultants are ready to tackle. Company culture differs within the industry. We understand the need to find someone who can run fluid with this. Our mantra is that we place ‘Great People With Great Companies’ and our unrivalled success rate cements Excel recruitment as ‘The Retail Recruitment Company’.


We love Retail. Simply as. This encapsulates Food, Fashion, Non-Food and Telecoms. We handle the most diverse roles and place expert professionals with our clients, with our list of repeat and new clients always growing.

  • Our Recruiters are unique. They come from a previous background within the realms of grocery and fashion. They will gauge their expertise to work with you, navigating exactly what you need and want in a candidate, all in a cost effective and zero risk manner.
  • We present you with a range of suitable candidates where the final decisions will ultimately be left with you. We do the timely work and will sift through numerous CV’s to present you with the best possible candidates that will better your business

Excel Recruitment has testimony from numerous MNC’s, franchises, independents as well as big box fashion and food retailers that typify our success in recruiting the right candidate. Our beliefs align together with our clients, understanding just how imperative it is to draw the right placement. Only the top calibre of candidates will be presented that match your credentials and ultimately further your company. Cumulatively our recruiters have over 30 years’ experience at varying levels within the retail industry. Whatever level of expertise you desire we have the skills to source, screen and secure you with the person you desire.

Certain situations call for special talents and this is especially so when it comes to recruiting new staff. Since I first met with Excel Recruitment over 3 years ago regarding a sales vacancy I was trying to fill, it was obvious from the start that this was a highly skilled company, whose talents lay in sourcing the right person for the role. I find everyone within the company hard-working, reliable and very supportive, with a great willingness to ensure that everything possible is done to facilitate their clients.

Eoghan Egan

Sales Manager, John Player and Sons

Salary Surveys