Carphone Warehouse are to launch their mobile phone operating service titled ‘iD’ today. Targeting at young adults (25-34 year age bracket) who are moderate to heavy data users and more inclined to a prepay plan iD is the first of two networks launched this year. UPC are also believed to launch a network this year but the date is unknown.

iD will run off the Three Ireland network and have a Waterford based call centre for operational and customer queries. iD have set a target of obtaining 6% of overall market share in the next 5 years, which would equate to approx.. 300,000 users. iD is promising a transparent and flexible mobile service. Plans for calls, texts and data vary but there’s no option to omit category (Eg. Texts) All plans include 4G as standard, provided the phone you’re using is compatible. Plans can easily be changed on a monthly bases, even on a contract base, but the length of the contract itself can’t. (Contract plans vary from 12 months, 18 months and 24 months)

The cheapest possible contract is €10 a month and the most expensive is €29 a month. Plans for prepay and bill pay are the same price monthly. As iD will be powered by the 32 Ireland network, 4G coverage will be powered by Three Ireland. Known for having major problems in the past, the recently announced they would be investing €300 million in improving infrastructure. 17 types of phone are available altogether, with a limited selection of these available now.