Temporary work, especially coming up to the Christmas season, can be a really exciting and fun experience. Not only can working during this busy period earn you extra cash for your Christmas presents but there are loads of other benefits such as networking, learning new skills and filling gaps in your C.V But this type of seasonal work is undoubtedly busy and will require you to have certain skills and personality traits.


While seasonal work offers you a lot of flexibility and control over your schedule, you also have to offer your potential employer flexibility in return. There is no point applying for positions in busy restaurants if you only want to work Friday mornings. The ability to adapt to your employers needs will get you noticed, in a good way.

Ability to work under pressure

It goes without saying that Christmas is a busy time, especially for those in hospitality and catering. The ability to work under pressure and roll with the punches will make temporary seasonal work not only easier but also far more enjoyable.

Quick learner

Again, Christmas is a hugely busy time for most in the hospitality industry. While most employers will offer temporary staff full training, the ability to pick up the basics and adapt quickly to the company’s culture and way of doing things will mean you settle into the job much quicker and be able to give it your best.

Friendly manner

Just because Christmas is a busy time doesn’t mean normal rules go out the window. Being friendly, courteous and engaged is vital in any job but especially within the hospitality industry.

Your ability to remain customer focused during particularly hectic parts of the day will definitely be noted, and appreciated, by the employers.

Positive Thinking

Although the focus at this time of year is on Christmas cheer and being merry, everybody knows it can be a stressful time. The ability to deal with issues and/or complaints without letting them affect the rest of your shift, or even your whole day will mean you will be even more successful in your temporary role.