Primark (*Penney’s in Ireland and referred to as both throughout this piece) will make Retail history by opening their first of many Fashion Stores in the United States. The fast fashion retailer synomous with affordable trends begin their ascent in the US market in just under one month and are promoting their mantra of ‘Amazing Fashion, Amazing Prices’.

The now iconic retailer which first opened in Dublin’s Mary Street in 1969, will have a dilatable 77,000 sq. ft 5 storey unit in the historic Burnham Building, a former retail space housed by US retailer Filenes. The opening on September 10th is naturally being monitored closely by both sides of the Atlantic. With such a revered history and name in retail, Penney’s naturally have become an anchor tenant.

Burnham building


The Burnham Building, located at the bottom of the €570 million Millennium Tower Skyscraper. Source:

Primark’s US website went live yesterday (August 10th 2015 – So far they have made a conscientious effort to slot seamlessly into the US and the website includes Boston City guides, ‘Coming to America’ blog posts and tailored content by their Style Guides pertinent to the US fashion market.

Penney’s will continue their trend of physical only sales, with no online shopping facility available. Currently Primark have 289 stores across nine countries and their retail trajectory remains unrivalled. Excitingly the USA will be Penney’s tenth country and Italy will become their eleventh, with a store planned for Arese in Spring/Summer of 2016.

Numerous stores will be opened across the US. The Penney’s board have located suitable retail outlets in Philadelphia and New York which will open in due course (believed to be before the end of 2015) aiming for a cohesive Retail shopping experience for customers across the USA.

Primark have already begun their press previews of their Autumn/Winter collection. Furthermore the have designed a tailored guide that will be distributed to key social media influencers and online bloggers. The Boston Store will open at 10am on September 10th.

Primark 2 Primark 3 Primark 1

*Some images were sourced from The Irish Independent article that is viewable here: