Dublin’s Doll Hospital has been forced to close its doors for the second time in recent years. Owner Melissa Nolan expressed her sadness at having to shut up shop at their residence in Powerscourt Town House. However, the owner of the revered Irish institution, Nolan is confident on finding a new sustainable home.

In an interview Nolan said “Three years ago we had to close our premises on George’s Street after thirty years in business. Our rent had been fixed to a five-year lease and it had been going up so we had to go’’

Unfortunately, the move to Powerscourt TownHouse never took off due a poor location and alienation of core customers. “In our haste we never realised that we would be on the top floor, which you have to climb four flights of stairs to get to. Many of our customers are coming with children and prams or are elderly, so it just wasn’t ideal. We tried for three years to give it a go but it didn’t work.”

Nolan is hopeful a viable solution will restore the Doll Hospitals museum and hospital. “I hope we will have the museum set up again and the hospital saved. I’m quite nostalgic about it and I feel it has become something of an institution and we want to hold onto it. At the same time we have to be realistic that we would need help getting somewhere family-friendly with affordable rent.”

Source: http://www.irishmirror.ie/news/irish-news/its-doll-over-dublins-doll-6015964