Retailers have expressed concern at Dublin City Councils new plans to impose a car ban in Dublin City Centre. The proposal would see a ban on private cars from large parts of the city centre citing ‘serious implications for the future viability of city centre retailing’.

Retail Ireland have written to employers lobby Ibec. The County Council propose investing €150 million to make the Capital more pedestrian and public transport friendly. Chairman of Retail Ireland Conor Whelan wrote “Plans to enhance the city’s public transportation should never result in the displacement of private traffic to the point where large portions of the city centre are entirely inaccessible to shoppers who prefer to take their car’’.

The lobby also informed the council that shoppers who drive spend more than those that travel via public transport, with cars being the second most popular form of transport into the city centre. They have called for consumer information to be carried out that would research the implications should a ban come into place. Retailers, justifiable fear that such a ban would drive consumers to more suburban shopping centres and outlets.

Retailers argue that shops selling bulkier items would be particularly hard hit by a car ban, as shoppers won’t carry such items home on public transport.

“Public transport does not suit all shopping types. It isn’t about location, location, location anymore. It’s convenience, convenience, convenience”.