We see CV’s every single day. Every hour actually. We had a chat around the office and decided candidates would benefit from a sample CV with advice from all our consultants, their frustrations and what gets a CV noticed. CV templates differ on industries, this is a standardised CV that is suitable across the board when applying for Retail, Grocery, Fashion and Non-Food jobs.

Some general CV tips.

  • Word is generally a preferred format by recruitment agencies and employers in the above industries.
  • Attaching a PDF of your CV also is advised. (File > Export > Create PDF/ XPF )
  • Avoid over complicated templates, boxes and Excel sheets.
  • Personalise your CV/cover letter. While the majority of the content will stay the same, there is nothing more unprofessional when the same Cover Letter is send to multiple employers/agencies listing a different job than the one you actually applied for.


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