Most popular brands revealed as own label popularity continues to grow

The most popular FMCG brands in Ireland have been revealed with Avonmore taking the top spot for the fifth year in a row. According to Kantar Worldpanel, the top four brands in the country are Avonmore in at number one position, followed in second place by Brennan’s with Denny in third, and Jacob’s in fourth.

Avonmore is purchased by 73.4% of Irish shoppers 28.8 times a year and this is the fifth year in a row Avonmore has held the top spot.

In second position, Brennan’s is chosen by 75.6% of Irish shoppers 27.5 times per year. In third place, Denny is bought by 70.8% of us on average 16.3 times throughout the year. Both Brennan’s and Denny retained their position from the previous year. However, Jacob’s moved up one to fourth place with 82.7% of Irish shoppers purchasing their products 12.9 times a year.

The biggest achievement of the year in terms of ranking belongs to fish specialist John West. The well-known brand rose 16 places to 37th position in the overall Irish ranking. It also managed to achieved the highest penetration (number of people purchasing their goods) increase of any brand in the top 50. The brand’s success was driven by customers responding to new products such as its steam pots range, which aims to successfully tap into growing demand among consumers for convenient food options.

This is according to Kantar Worldpanel, in their fifth annual fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) report. Kantar Worldpanel is a global expert in shoppers’ behaviour and the report measured which brands are being bought by the most consumers the most often.

These rankings come during an interesting time for FMCG brands as own-label products are becoming increasingly popular with consumers. There has been a growth rate of more than 6% for people buying own-brand goods while retailers have also seen a decline in shoppers picking up branded products.

David Berry, director of Kantar Worldpanel in Ireland, speaking in a press release, has said retailers have responded to these changes by invest in gin their own brand offering. “Brands across all sectors are finding the Irish retail landscape more challenging. Traditional retailers have responded to a more competitive marketplace by expanding and improving their own-label lines — and brands and manufacturers are feeling the impact,”

“Own-label is growing by almost 6.2%, while the proportion of the population buying the top 10 branded products is down by an average 2.8%.” according to Mr Berry.

“Consumer behaviour is changing at a rapid pace. To keep up, brands and manufacturers will need to recognise consumer needs which aren’t being met or demographic group which are underperforming and come up with innovative new products and experiences that can successfully tap into these markets,” he said.

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Ireland’s most popular brands revealed


Avonmore has been revealed as Ireland’s favourite brand. Kantar Worldwide have revealed their annual barometer of consumer brands, which illustrates the most popular brands by Irish consumers. Half of the country’s 50 most popular brands came from traditional local names. The study reported on sales between October 2014 to October 2015 using a metric called ‘consumer reach points’.

Interesting statistics

  • Over 12 months, 75% of Irish households purchased an Avonmore product.
  • Those who did buy Avonmore jobs, did so an average of 27.4 times a year.
  • Avonmore sold 35 million products from supermarkets throughout the course of the year.
  • Four Irish brands are in the top 10.
  • Coca Cola retained first place in worldwide ranking.
  • 25 Irish brands made it into the top 50 brands domestically.


Most popular Brands

David Berry, KantarWorldwide Director said that Irish brands “continue to represent a strong contingent in our shopping baskets”.

Ireland’s Top 100 brands revealed

Produced by Checkout magazine and in association with Nielson, the Checkout Top 100 Brands is an accumulative account of the top brands purchased by Irish consumers. What is encouraging is that three of the top five brands are Irish products and illustrating brand loyalty amongst Irish consumers.

Furthermore, a number of Irish brands have made considerable movement. The likes of Jacobs, Club Soft Drinks, Irish Pride, Pat the Baker, Miwadi and Dairygold have all achieved their highest positions to date.

The collection of the top 100 brands in Ireland is based on branded value sales collected across the Irish grocery sector and thus making it the most accurate reflection of the biggest selling brands across Ireland. Sales performance is measured across 6,500 brands with over 200 product classes compiled in the report.

The biggest mover this year was Carrolls Meats which rose 41 places and currently sits at 72nd place. A total of 24 brands moved an impressive 5 places or more.

Checkout Top 100 Brands 2015

1Coca Cola
2Avonmore Milk
3Brennans Bread
4Cadburys Dairy Milk
14Irish Pride
20Red Bull