Ballymun to get new shopping centre

15 years after a shopping complex was planned for Ballymun, the North Dublin suburb is finally set to receive a retail boost as the much delayed plans look set to materialise. Today City counsellors are due to vote on a €1.8 milion offer from development company Alanis Capital. Ballymun Main Street would be the site for the proposed development.

The site lies adjacent to Ballymun Town Centre, a dilapidated 50 years old centre that is scheduled to be demolished. In May 2014 the council which owned 47 per cent of the old shopping centre reached agreement with Nama and its receivers to acquire the remaining 53 per cent.

The development of the Alanis centre will go ahead independently of the old complex initially, but is likely to become part of a larger retail development once the old centre is demolished.

Local councillors Paul McAuliffe (FF), Noel Rock (FG) and Noeleen Reilly (SF) have all signalled they will vote in favour of the proposal, but all are likely to seek amendments to include a residential element and guarantee local employment from the project.